Alicia is pursuing a BSc in Marketing at the University of Southampton and is currently in her second year. With an unconventional outlook, Alicia looks beyond what is given and has the capacity to accept ambiguity readily – taking a flexible and open-minded viewpoint. She is warm and genuine in relating with others and expresses enthusiasm with practical ideas. Alicia is interested in starting and promoting fresh developments or projects. She is constantly exploring for ways to develop or improve what she is working on.  Her experience in marketing and events has taught her to expect the unexpected in every job and to be ever ready to face any potential problems.

“I am very excited to start penning down my ideas on the digital world, we now live in. I have been “online” for the best parts of my life; from having an online dairy to interacting with like-minded online personalities. With its benefits and downsides, I am very keen to find out more about how the internet has changed throughout the years and what it really means to live and breathe online. This blog will reflect my thoughts and journey on living in the digital world. Read on to find out more! ;)”