Introductory Post: Digital Vistors or Digital Residents

In the digital world, we are categorized into two groups; Digital Residents and Vistors; based on how we see the internet (White and Le Cornu, 2011). In this post, I will discuss the concepts of the digital resident and visitor and my thoughts on where I stand in the digital world.

Digital Resident sees the web as a place to make social communication and networking by sharing personal information. They also use the web to maintain and develop a digital identity by generating digital content. Often, the lines of content and persona are blurred in the eyes of the resident (White and Le Cornu, 2011).

Digital Visitor sees the Web as primarily a set of tools which deliver or manipulate content – leaving no social trace. They need to see some concrete benefit resulting from their use of the platform (White and Le Cornu, 2011).

I identify myself in a position of a Digital Resident. I believe that my online presence can be separated into personal and professional.

Participating online: I do not actively participate in online communities by providing personal insights and merely read on the resident’s insights – only to bring them up during non-virtual communication, or a private online message to my peers.

Online identity, privacy, and security: My personal social media accounts are mostly private, and only open to a select few. My professional accounts, on the other hand, are public. These enable me to keep track on how I am viewed on a professional and personal level online. Although keeping your personal and professional digital lives apart can be tricky, we can simply make use of the digital system (e.g. privacy system, blocking, etc.) to forge “personal” relationships on a professional level.

Ending off, identifying yourself digitally helps to see where you are positioned online.

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